I’d like to tell you the options of the southern country resort on Cebu with a flight review of Philippine Airlines using ANA Mile award tickets to ANA landing Miler’s choices

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Thank you for stopping by. It is a Deme-san.

It’s been 7 months since I ran my blog properly and finally! Finally, as a land Miler I went abroad for a family including three children.

As issued in this article, it is a vacation in Cebu.

In this time I would like to write a record when I flew to Cebu Island using award tickets, effectively using the partnership with Philippine Airlines, which is an ANA school to the extent that they are ANA Platinum members.


I would like to organize again why ANA landing Miler uses Philippine Airlines

Going to Cebu Island by the Philippine Airlines is an affordable south island so mile efficiency is excellent

Where do you think of the south island and the beach resort everyone? Here is my personal south island image ranking.

Hawaii · Guam · Saipan · Phuket · Cebu · Maldives · Bali

It looks like this.

Actually, I feel that Ishigakijima does not quit anything at all, but the fundamental reason for my land Miler activity is “Because I want a child to experience a country where Japanese can not communicate, Travel every year “so it is meaningless unless it is overseas.

Among them, I tried organizing ANA mileage per capita when going by award tickets (economy).

The period is based on the high season for elementary school students to be summer vacation.

Hawaii (ANA flight 43,000 miles)
Guam (United flight 23,000 miles)
Phuket (Thai Airways International flight 38,000 miles)
Cebu (Philippine Airlines flight 20,000 miles)
Maldives (Singapore Airlines 38,000 miles)
Bali (Garuda Indonesia flight 35,000 miles)

In summary, clearly 20,000 miles on Cebu Island and 23,000 miles from Guam are missing.

Furthermore, in my case, “with family” is a major premise, so it will be necessary to multiply the above-mentioned required mile by five. (It is four times because children are 0 years old until next year.)

I work hard on land Miler activities. We are moving mainly.

Roughly considering reduction of 1.72% in settlement of ANA VISA gold, it accumulates 70,000 miles a year, and it is an image supplemented with Land Miler activity & a few flight miles.

We can save 216,000 miles a year by making use of point sites etc! Although there are many people saying that it is a land Miler neighborhood, well, I wonder if I do not have to work hard so far.

It is troublesome to be honest.

I think that we can definitely recommend vacation at Cebu Island by using Award tickets using Philippine Air which can be affordable mile to such land Miler who can not work hard on that, so to such a person.



Of course, I could taste the resort in Cebu. There is nothing better than real experience.

ANA advanced members such as SFC and platinum members can receive preferential treatment firmly even at Philippine Airlines

When using Philippine Airlines, I think that some advanced users of ANA wonder if they can use the lounge, use the priority check-in counter, and the priority tag of the checked baggage.

Conclusion, the above benefits are basically acceptable.

Only? For me, “It seems that I can not enter the lounge using upgrade points or ANA mileage” is likely to be a bottleneck in consideration of the environment that three children exist. Well, I wonder if there are problems for many people.

Notice that Philippine Airlines, when using Narita Airport, are not Terminal 1, which is the home base of ANA, but Terminal 2, which will be the base of JAL.

It is absolutely likely that you are taking an ANA flight by code share and making a mistake.

Please note that Philippine Airlines is not a stara but a partner airline so you can not use ANA Lounge at Terminal 1 anyway.

But the affiliation between Philippine Airlines and ANA is alive. I wrote the following articles but it was solid and comfortable.

Narita Airport using Philippine Airlines at ANA Platinum Member (husband) and SFC Member (Wife) was perfectly comfortable. – Typical office worker’s ANA, miles and leather shoes(Japanese article)
Unlike group tours, as a point of reservation for award tickets, the seat assignment can clearly be selected widely.

Ticketing of Award Mileage tickets using Philippine Airlines’ ANA Mile is now only on phone. Previously, I also wrote such an article.

I would like to write down the circumstances that made ticket issuance of Cebu Island the first award ticket as Miler.(Japanese article) 
On the flight I got on, I kept a row of seats in front, but there were a lot of people sitting hard and sitting behind in the direction of the back, there was a bit of space in the middle, such an irregular arrangement and arrangement It was getting.

The plane was able to get off earlier and this time it was a seating where both seats in the back were affordable, so it was a situation that was pretty nice to take age 0, but with regard to seat assignment, the problem is There was no.

I want to grasp firmly what I have to keep in mind by Flight to Philippine Airlines flight to / from Narita.

Do not expect food on board in the Economy class of Philippine Airlines

I, ANA flight and Lufthansa flight, after that it was only an extraordinary ride on a jet star flight.

I did not think at all in such a situation, but the Philippines airport is a Southeast Asian airline company.

Naturally, cooking was also a Southeast Asian taste.


Child me like this.

I hardly eat kids. It seems that the taste was too strong.



I chose chicken for the flight to go but it is like this.

I do not process photos, so the first piece is more minus reflected in a bit dark, but yeah, it is not tasty.

Before coming, it was also a defeat that I had meal in lounge deliciously, but it was on board meal to be delicately served.

Personally, Lufthansa was tasty in-flight meal. I think.

Well, this is a person’s preference, so I can not say it unconditionally, but I would like to tell you that it is safe that I did not expect too much.

If not a child, eat properly before flight, sleep in Sokko! I also recommend the option.

There are lots of delicious shops at the airport even though it’s not a lounge. I think that I feel better.

From Narita to Cebu: PR 435, PR 433, from Cebu to Narita: Equipment for PR 434, PR 436 is Airbus A 321 – 231 This equipment is honest and not praised.

I will put a sheet map of A321 – 231 here for a moment.


As you can see, it is a narrow aircraft with only one passage.

In the toilet, economy is only two places behind.

This is the level where CA can not get through at all during service.


Looking forward from the toilet is like this.

It is how LCC packs the feeling. I think whether you can see the feeling that you can finally get through the aisle and pass by. Because I was close to the toilet I was considerably distressed.


Also, the seat pitch is also pleasant.

By the way, we sat on 32 of A ~ H, but with the above sheet arrangement, this is a premium economy class …?

Well, even if you look at the sheet pitch of the sheet map, it will be errors of 21 to 23.

And although it is an international flight, there are no facilities for in-flight entertainment on the seat!

I understand well that there is no cost on equipment in this area.

As for entertainment, it seems to be provided if you drop Philippine Airlines application, but it was unpleasant to continue to show pictures on small screens of smartphones to children, so bring in the MAC Book and DVD drive you use in advance So, I showed the DVD and surpassed it.

It is judged that video is indispensable in order to have a 5-hour flight on 3-year-old son.

If such a place has only carried the international flight of ANA flight, it is cautionful.

It would be nice if you thought that it was the following equipment under the ANA flight domestic flight.

I just wrote down bad things so I would like to mention the good points of the Philippine Airlines.

Like a foreign-affiliated airline company, when services finished to a certain extent, they were harmonizing with the galley and the CAs, but, well, I love children.

I think that people in the Philippines are basically friendly nationality.

On the way back from the last toilet I changed my daughter (5 months), the battle caught and captured by the CAs was spread. Here is a picture taken when saying “I’ll give it to SNS!”


Sony’s RX 100 mk 2, the main camera of this trip, did not have it until the time when I went to the toilet, and I am very sorry as a sharp photography environment called smaho, but CA was a nice one.

After that the daughter of 0 years old was spoken to the CAs as substitute while being told “So Cute!” I was in a good mood.

Mr. CA of ANA ‘s completed service level is also nice, but of course, I think that Mr. CA of Philippine Airlines was on top for friendliness and flexibility.

I like airplane equipment! Business class, first class is the best! It is a typical salaried man who likes boarding reports of everyone of the land Miler who likes it, but in the case of a child with a child is an economy.

It is not as good as such a machine, but traveling using the Philippine Airlines, which goes to Cebu airport in Philippines, which is affordable mile with a focus on English, is not it good to think about it for a moment! What?

It was a story that.

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