【Review of "Bremen Airport"】I also want to write Star Alliance Gold benefits living in Bremen Airport in Germany

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Thank you for stopping by. It is Deme-san.

Bremen airport The ANA platinum card also demonstrated a little power even in a small regional airport in Germany. Although it is a lounge service, I could use Senator Lounge, so I would like to summarize it with the state of Bremen Airport.

Bremen airport was a very small regional airport


As Bremen itself is about the city of Sendai, I think that the airport will be like that. It is such an airport that there is space which opened in this way when actually leaving the airport exit and being compact.


Is it a Mercedes Benz GLC? It is a maid in Bremen. I thought it took a picture. I admire because I like cars, but I will not buy it because it is so expensive, I think I will be satisfied with this picture. Basically I like Japanese products, but while thinking that cars are sorry, it is a typical office worker who thinks German cars are better.


Kids space is also a little space to play. I think that five minutes can kill time for our children.


Lufthansa was a flagship carrier airport, so there was an open check – in counter. I will climb the escalator on the right of this Lufthansa counter.


So you can go up to the roof of the airport terminal building on the way up this spiral staircase.


Bremen at the end of April is still cold so it is not an airport like an airplane fly, so long-standing is unnecessary, but it is also incredibly that an airplane with a design that is hard to see in Japan is flying.

I looked around all over the airport like this for a while and checked in and thought about going to the lounge and going to work, but a problem occurred.

I was making reservations, not Lufthansa, but also the Star Alliance Brussels Airlines flight. Although I have not thought much about it in Japan, at least at the airport in Bremen, I could not check in until just before (2 hours ago).

It was a ticket to start boarding at 18:40, but if you ask the counter next door, wait until 17:00. Unfortunately, I was going to do it for more than an hour outside the security inspection site although I was going to be able to do as much as I could at the lounge in as many as a domestic flight.

By the way, I went to check in around 17: 05, but it came around 17:20. It is a lie that Germans are serious and firm on time. Is the train too late for a while and the sense of the Japanese is wrong?

Bremen airport has been renewed in the past year

There is a duty-free shop like this when passing through the security inspection site.


I used Bremen airport last year, but I did not have such a fine duty free shop. About half of the back was under construction, so is the timing of the change? Next year may be a bit more awesome. But after all? Because it is a domestic airport in the euro area, big shops can not be expected.

If there was a Worldshop here, I could have bought Lufthansa RIMOWA.


Eating and drinking establishment is also a new shop. I think that I did not have anything at all last year, so I think it got easier to relax. Is this your side in Asia? It is not like Germany. That’s why there are not many highlights in the airport. Still it is the impression of shops etc. above the domestic line of Itami airport, is it such feeling?

Of course we can also enter the lounge with ANA’s Platinum Members Card at the Star Alliance Group Lufthansa.


The entrance to Lufthansa lounge at Bremen airport was like this.

Once inside, it is divided as Senator Lounge and Business Lounge for the time being.

Is it the difference between ANA Suite Lounge and ANA Lounge? However, Star Alliance Gold members can use the above lounge Senator Lounge.

Senator will be translated as Senator or Senator. Something seems to be great. “I, Congressman” I can spend such a lounge feeling like that.


It was a bit happy that there was Tokyo in time. The time difference between Germany and Japan is 7 hours. It is quite a painful thing.

Considering the food and drink service as a domestic line considerably enriching!


It’s German so it takes a pretzel. Even though it looks like a coat hanger ‘s pretty guy, you put a prethelle. Perhaps it seems like something that has no other uses.


Next door is a salad bar. There are unlimited all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat olive lovers. Even so, in Germany it seems like potatoes of this mayonnaise are a little bit in touch, but I think that it is not too much taste to eat. . .


The drink bar is a self-system like this. There are quite a lot of drinks.


Here, Sweet Corianer. There was a pudding in the back of the kiwi on the right. Overseas people are scaring the apple circle. It is such a strange feeling.


There was also sausage. German dinner, I like sausages. I ate the sausage the night before, so I refrained here, but is this sausage going to be eaten?

Actually, the lounge was pretty crowded, so I was afraid of Senator’s eyes to take a picture of this Senator Lounge, so I could not take a picture. Even just taking this food and drinks, I’m pretty much brave enough.

There may be times when there were three flights in a while, but I think that the ANA lounge has more room in terms of the lounge’s clearance.

However, it is an airport of Bremen and the countryside of a rural area, so what if it were Frankfurt and Munich! And I got more worrisome.

Next year it was a story that I wanted to visit the Senator Lounge at the international airport, leaving time for transit even if I could go to Germany naturally.

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