I stayed at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka and would like to review

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Thank you for stopping by. It is a Deme-san.

As I often go to Haneda – Itami, I am going to Osaka, but the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Osaka will be able to stay in the budget according to the schedule and it will be possible to stay and I will report it.


The location of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka is quite subtle as a front ride early hotel


The location is like this.

To the Ginza in Tokyo, Kitasinland in Osaka, south of it.

I do not say anything, it is very inconvenient. It is a hotel that is often used for the previous ride, but if you are traveling by train from the airport, the nearest station is Yodoyabashi Station.

Although it is an Osaka amateur who has traveled less than 20 times in Osaka, if you go to Osaka from Itami Airport,

(Osaka airport → [Monorail] → Lighthouse → Hankyu → Hankyu Umeda)

I think that it is an iron plate. But, if you go for ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel 2, Yodoyabashi Station on the Midosuji Line,

(Osaka Airport → [Monorail] → Senri Chuo → [Midosuji Line] → Yodoyabashi)

It will be.

Tedious. Even to this Yodoyabashi station,

There is a distance to walk if it does not want to walk if it is rainy.

As I walk anyway, I often walk from Osaka station or Umeda station for nearly 20 minutes and go often.

By the way there is also a shuttle bus, but it is not as long as I am doing a detour as long as walking from Umeda.

In short, it is a little troublesome place to go.

It is a celebrity hotel completely from a typical salaried man who is accustomed to business hotel.

There are three reasons why even though I think that location is not so good it’s enough to make it here.

Reason 1: Because it is IHG.

Honest Platinum status requires 40 or 40,000 points per year of training per year.

There is no way that a typical salaryman of Katagi can do it.

Also, as an intercontinental ambassador, you can get upgraded with intercontinental, and honesty can not be honest even if the room becomes wider on a business trip. I think that it is calming down I think that it is not a big reason, but our shop is the first reason I want the point of renewal of Intercontinental Ambassador’s qualification.

Reason 2: Self satisfaction is amazing

Really I was accustomed to business hotel too much.

The feeling compared with there is too different. The point is self-satisfaction.

It is the same way of consideration of the staff of the hotel, and feeling of air in the lobby etc can be satisfied self-satisfied.


There is no such space in business hotel.


If you stayed in front of Children’s Day there is such a place!


The lobby is large!


The lobby is large! (Second time) what is it.

When I arrive at my place I absolutely pass by foreign people, and in short it is one of the reasons why I am able to become a celebrity feeling, which is a typical salaried worker.

Reason 3: Because comfort is really different

We will propose not only Osaka but also the whole ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel, but we are doing our initiative called SLEEP ADVANCED. There is tea, there is bathing agent, there is an eye warmer.


I thought, “What’s HIGH-HIGH TEMP and Morning Mint Green Tea!” Certainly it is good to calm the green tea at night.


Naturally the bed is comfortable. Body pillow (something like …?) Comes with you.


A hotel with a bathrobe seems to be great.

More than anything, the air conditioning is totally different is the biggest.

Also in the article of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima, Corre also wrote the same, but the drying of the business hotel has come to take a business trip office worker completely. I wrote something like this with countermeasures, but I do not need to do this and I feel comfortable. I put a towel with my body on the back of the chair, but when I wake up I am damp.

I do not want to stay at the business hotel as much as possible after I have experienced like this. I came to think so.


I thought it was just once, I ate it, but breakfast is also delicious again.

Because of this, I felt it was difficult to achieve platinum for the second consecutive year, so I also issued Super Flyers Card.

With this, breakfast will come to follow. If platinum also had breakfast service, I thought I was going to wait a bit more, but I will stay still more in the future so early! I thought that it was issuing SFC.


The breakfast at the business hotel is over 1,000 yen although it is not a big deal. There is something like Seven Eleven bread or rice ball multiplied by 100, but it is nice to be able to eat breakfast at this hotel as well.

When I stayed and I got up early, I thought that I wanted to take a picture and take another picture.


To stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel is basically a business trip. For business trips Osaka only a little more, up to 12,000 yen is OK.

Basically it is a price that will over. It is rarely easy here, but! Really fit timing and fit! And if I can fit it I would like to stay.

That is ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The hotel in Osaka is really expensive, and if it is enough to stay at a half-way hotel due to poor Rakuten aims etc., you can rest at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel slowly and you can try it once by all means It was a story that I think.

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