As I stayed at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe, I would like to share my impressions as word-of-mouth information.

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Thank you for stopping by. It is a Deme-san.

Most of the time I usually stay in Osaka, but unusually I have the opportunity to visit Kobe’s customers and I will report on staying at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe.

By the way, the price will be 8,265 yen including tax. Based on this, I would appreciate it if you can see ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe from the viewpoint of cost effectiveness.


* Because it was raining, it is cloudy and regrettable feeling *

The location of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe is convenient for users on Shinkansen, but it is a little troublesome to go from the airport to rattling


The location is like this. It was around 15 minutes on foot from Sannomiya station, before Shin Kobe station. I happened to have no carry case and it was good because it was not raining, but it rained, it was definitely a taxi if it was a carry case.

There are fashionable cafes around Sannomiya, for example, the center of Kobe. I think that it is a good place to squeeze a little by sightseeing etc. I thought of getting up early, but I was sorry that it was unfortunate weather in the morning.


If it is from Shin Kobe station, even if it rains because there is a roof completely, it is unnecessary even for an umbrella. Tokyo will be sunny, Kobe will not have an umbrella even if it rains even if it is a bullet train line.

I think that it is very good for people with big baggage.

As you see from a typical salaried worker who is accustomed to business hotel, completely, celebrity hotel


The whole building is like this. Although I have only experience in Osaka and Hiroshima, there are also no large buildings around, so it’s pretty obvious.


The entrance is like this. Because the feeling that hotel is stuck to compound shopping facility, feeling of peculiar hotel was not felt from here. There is a car ride, so it may be better if you enter from there.

The lobby was also a space with relaxation and clearance.


We also saw foreigners as being sometimes. There was a nice guy with a nice guy, but was it also a rugby game or something? . .

As IHG official, Kobe also appears as Osaka, so I imagine that many people in Osaka sightseeing are coming.

The main guest room is here. ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel has a solid branding or there is no variation among hotels. It is feeling that it is also a stable ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel here.


Though I thought again this time, it is very comfortable to sleep when sleeping between pillow & cushion with four pillows with a single bed! I felt. It is wrapped feeling good.

Of course, amenity of this place is enriched. Although it was my first visit, in the summer, I trusted the air conditioning of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel and stayed without bringing in pajamas, but it was comfortable sleeping. Of course we just spent with T – shirts and underwear.


It is a unit bus which does not have anything else. A business hotel with hot springs is also good, but ANA Crown Plaza Hotel ‘s unit bath is firmly water pressure everywhere, hot water gathers soon and there is also a bath agent, so this is ant! I am thinking.


By the way the night scene was also beautiful as the floor is 28 floor which is quite high.


Shake is unfortunate, but this kind of thing is hard to understand unless you experience it, so please refer to the reference level.

I had a Super Flyers Card (SFC) for the first time and I could not eat a complimentary breakfast as a result of visiting.

The biggest reason I issued Super Flyers Card.

Although it puts in a business trip budget, it is that you can eat breakfast free at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel. There are many places to eat breakfast of business hotel “I am sorry honestly, I will eat at station Doutoru”, but there is no losing in the breakfast of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel. That’s right, 1,000 yen is not effective breakfast buffet.




It was an unreachable dream.

When I received the SFC, I asked, “I saw you can have a free breakfast with this …”.

“Fuh, it’s free with SFC service, right? I thought I knew!”

Well then.

“Please wait, it’s 10,000 xxx yen if Super Flyers membership fee.”

Answer to.

Yes, it’s over budget.

It is not an SFC benefit at all.

It is SFC benefit that SFC membership service fee plan can be used, and if you have SFC it will not be free breakfast!

I tought.

For the honor of the IHG group, the SFC plan is 10% off more than the best flexible fee plan Why is that cheap? However, it is higher than the sale price, and the budget is well over.

Initially, I did not know the SFC plan because I had not seen reservations only from the official IHG application! Both IHG · ANA Hotels and IHG officials are official websites where IHG points are attached. So I thought once again that I should be careful.

Good luck eating in the morning! I tried going to work but I left the hotel after disappointment. Feeling of defeat.

From Sannomiya Station to Osaka Station it will arrive in 20 minutes quickly. If you go to Osaka neighborhood, if you go to the area around Osaka, I think that COSPA is even better ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe than staying at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka in Umeda.

I am sorry that the weather was bad and I could not take a walk around in this business trip but I would like to also choose to stay in Kobe even when Osaka business trip enters.

I became an article that I felt a sense of defeat by my selfish misunderstanding, but those who have never been to Osaka before. There is no doubt that it is a very calm hotel. Why do not you try it once? It was a story that.

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