I visited Taiwan for the first time Since I stayed at Taiwan's Holiday Inn "Holiday Inn East Taipei" like IHG faction, I would like to share my impressions

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Thank you for stopping by. It is a Deme-san.

This time, a business trip in Taiwan was incorporated. Aust as IHG, I stayed at Holiday Inn East Taipei, so I would like to include Tips.


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 Holiday inn East Taipei is far away! I am often told. Certainly it is far and there is a shuttle bus, but be careful as it is a way of announcing that you do not usually understand!

I was an IHG school, so I tried looking for an IHG hotel but as a result there are only two IHG hotels in Taiwan.

Holiday inn Express in the direction of Taoyuan and Holiday inn East Taipei in New North stayed this time. From the center of Taipei, it takes about 150 Taiwan dollars by taxi from the MRT to the zoo station.

MRT is roughly the same as Japan’s subway, and taxi fee is not high compared to Japan, so I think that it will not be that much bitter.

Sensually it is a feeling to stay around Shinjuku when going sightseeing in Ueno. If I go to Taiwan consistently of IHG training I myself felt it was a sense of distance that was not bother me.

Although there is a point to note, there is a shuttle bus on the IHG site, but the shuttle bus is a nominal shuttle car, and it is also a reservation system.


Like this. Moreover, I thought that there is a shuttle bus from the zoo station, but by saying Drop off service only, you can not pick up me even if you go near.

When arriving at the hotel, I visited the shuttle bus and gave me such a paper. I looked for something on the website, but I did not understand. It seems that it is like foreign capital.

I wonder if there is an official website in Chinese.f:id:demekingyobachi:20170604012345p:plain

Although I have to make a phone appointment an hour before getting on the phone, it is impossible for me to kill the first time that there is no timetable on the website.

If I understand, even if there is resistance to the phone, I think that Taiwan should be courageous because about 50% of Japanese can communicate.

With that feeling, please be careful if there are some people trying to make transportation costs cheaper.

I have stayed 3 nights this time, but I received a pick up from 101 Taipei World Trade Center only once. The number of cars is also small, but it was comfortable shuttle bus which was already waiting if it was ten minutes ago and arriving from 101 to 10 minutes.
Since it is in a state of migrating, it is recommended to ride from 101 Taipei World Trade Center if you are using. The terminal will be in front of exit 2. When I peel back, I can see such a basketball court, I think there is space to get a little car so I think that it will not get lost much.


The hotel itself is very comfortable Holiday Inn East Taipei


Entrance is also so luxurious feeling. On the way home I went home in a heavy rain until terrible, but there was a carriage so I got wet when I got on a taxi.


The lobby is open like this. For some reason, there are many people who fidget with smartphones in a dressed form on a sofa. I stayed for 3 nights, but it was also 3 nights.

I do not think why he will not do it in the room.


There was such an object. In addition, we can not write articles because we do not eat about rice. When I came to Taiwan on a business trip, my hospitality was very good, so I needed to eat terribly during the day, so I bought it in a banana, which I sell in a side 7-Eleven.


Although I stayed on the 12th floor, the handrail of the colonnade is a bit low, and I feel a sense of fear of heights of phobia with a feeling that I can fall completely. (I’ve gotten used to the airplane.) People who eat rice under the cell phone dropped absolutely. I wrapped a strap around my wrist and photographed it.


Bet is like this. There are hard pillows and soft pillows.



It is a washbasin with a bathtub. Is there a bathing culture in Taiwan similar to Japan? I am happy that there is a bathtub firmly.



Room took a little extra room. Do not be afraid because it is an ambiguous company that you are not upgrading, not overseas, budget is within the range of common sense abroad. (Because I took out the breakfast for that reason, I will say that it is a trader.)

The outlet in Taiwan is basically the same as in Japan, and it is the impression that it is a business hotel in Japan.

One complaint while staying! In Japan, it is huge to have a big G! It was fear. . . Even though it is on the 12th floor. Because I was dry on the washbasin, I was throwing a towel and leaving it as it was, because I was not at room cleaning the next day, I think that the store clerk dispose of it. Taiwan is a subtropical, and I am convinced that it is inevitable, but some people claim that they are in Japan. . .

G is an incident, and it is unavoidable for a while that the building itself is a bit small, but is it a place like a normal hotel at all?

Although it may be natural in hotels in Taiwan, Japanese can also be communicated in general, and IHG is more advantageous for me than anything else.

If you are an IHG fellow, I think that it is a wonderful hotel! It was the impression of Holiday Inn East Taipei.

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